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Simplify Your Global Expansion with LanguageCloud - The Easiest Way to Reap AI's Benefits for Localization and Translation

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One platform to access all the power of AI in your translation process

Leveraging AI requires enterprise-grade technology to create, automate, integrate and validate. LanguageCloud can remove up to 80% of the human touch points in content processing, verification and translation using AI. Human experts can be included in-the-loop to ensure quality is never compromised.

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Expand LanguageCloud with Modules

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Enjoy efficiency with more than 20 pre-built connectors for common content systems such as Adobe InDesign, Drupal and many others.

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AI Gap Pro

Straker.Ai's Verify engine can be used to conduct advanced Gap Analysis using AI. Need to see if your policies and procedures map to an ISO standard - use our Gap Pro Tool to save days of work.

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AI Fact Checking

Not sure if your AI Generated content is accurate or making things up? Use our AI Fact Checking engine (web or API) to fact-check your AI Generated content.

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No need for an expensive TMS - Use Slack & Teams

to manage translation projects

Another app you don't need in your organisation? Translation management systems are expensive, need teams to run them and complicate a process that shouldn't need them in the world of automation.  Use Slack and Teams to manage your translation projects and LanguageCloud to do the heavy lifting in the background.

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Translation as a


Need translation embedded into your apps, find out more about our range of connectors for common content systems.

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Content creation verification

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Are you automatically creating content in multiple languages, and need the generated content verified as accurate? Try Verify by Straker

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